VCVC Gravel Grinder . 10 June 2023 . Macon, MO

1. The VCVC Gravel Grinder is a self-supported solo event. You are 100% responsible for yourself and your equipment. The state of Missouri, county of Macon, city of Macon, event sponsors, event organizers, and individuals helping with this event are NOT responsible for your safety.

2. All riders MUST wear proper safety gear and obey all city, county, and state laws and rules of the road.

3. Every rider in each category is soley responsible for themselves and any accidents in which he or she may be involved.

4. In case of emergency or break-downs, riders can be assisted by motorized transport. If you accept motorized transport, you will relinquish your standings in the race.

5. The primary race course must be followed at all times, no short cuts (or cheaters) will be permitted. If you do want to cut it short, that's cool, you just won't be able to place in your category.

6. This race will happen regardless of weather (but given mid-June, we aren't too worried about sleet/snow/ice/etc.).

7. Walt's Bike Shop will provide sag support for riders, however it is highly suggested you bring a +1 in case you need picked up mid-route/have issues.

8. This course IS NOT MARKED. Download routes on your devices AND print cue cards, but don't expect it to be marked with signs that day.

9. All riders MUST sign a waiver prior to race start as well as show valid photo id.

10. Roads along the routes will not be closed, please make sure to obey all traffic laws and exercise caution at all times.

11. Reread all items 1-10 to ensure you fully understand how the day works and get ready to have a great ride!



Please download the route on your devices. Routes are available via Ride with GPS links below. Service may be spotty along *UNMARKED* route & you will need cue cards

*Read that again...Course is UNMARKED...You are responsible for downloading files.
Cue sheets for each route will be available the day of the ride.*




All participants will check in between 7:00-7:45am the day of the event and be asked to: wet sign an event waiver, show valid ID, and donate an item for the pantry (if able). Check-in will take place in the parking lot on the corners of Vine Street, Rollins Street, and Oak Street in downtown Macon, MO (find it here).


Utilize large downtown parking lot to the west of Ben Franklin (find it here)


This part of the day is a work in progress...We are working hard to procure donations to support TWO live bands for your post-ride enjoyment and we have at least one delicious food truck secured for lunch service! Come ride and then hang out and explore downtown Macon with us!


Check out the "About the Area" tab up at the top of this page!


-Hand sanitizer will be available at registration and water stations
-Guidance subject to change in accordance with CDC recommendations. Please check back the week of the event for any changes.

We can't thank you enough for your support of the VCVC Gravel Grinder! Without the support of cyclists, community members, and local businesses this annual event wouldn't be possible.